Ice Wine At The Best Restaurant In Santa Fe - Mille Fleurs
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Mille Fleurs Reservations

6009 Paseo Delicias
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

Phone Numbers:
Reservations: (858)756-3085
Facsimile: (858)756-9945

Lunch: Thursday and Friday 11:30am – 2:00pm
Dinner: Nightly 6pm; Saturday 5:30pm
Piano Bar Hours: Open nightly until Close
Fri & Sat Open until Midnight ( 12am )


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Click here for Mapquest Directions

From the 5 Freeway

Take the I-5 freeway to Lomas Santa Fe Exit at Solana Beach. Head East. After one mile, you will come to the first stop sign. From this point, the road begins to wind and curve, continue going another four miles to the second stop sign. Go through this intersection and we are the first building on the right, in the Country Squire Courtyard. (Lomas Santa Fe turns into Paseo Delicias).

From 15 Freeway

Exit Via Rancho Parkway. Head West. Follow this road for about three miles to the end. Turn left onto Del Dios Highway and follow for twelve miles. You will come to a four way stop, keep going straight another four blocks into the village. Mille Fleurs is on the left in the Country Squire Courtyard. (Del Dios Highway turns into Paseo Delicias).

From Encinitas

Travel east on Encinitas Blvd. Once you pass the Harvest Ranch Market, just beyond the intersection of Rancho Santa Fe Road and Encinitas Blvd, you will travel over a small bridge and will come to a stop sign, turn right. Follow this winding road until you come to the second stop sign. Turn right onto Avienda De Acacias. Go two blocks and turn left onto Paseo Delicias. Mille Fleurs is on the right in the Country Squire Courtyard.


These grapes, having already reached full ripeness in October, are left untouched on the vines under a cloak of protective netting (mainly to protect them from birds and heavy rain or hale), until the first deep freeze. During that time, the grapes are naturally dehydrated by the elements, adding to the concentration of flavors, aromas, sugars and acid in the juice. Temperatures dipping below minus 10 degrees Celsius during the months of January and February freeze the grapes solid – no Icewine can be harvested before November 15th-, they are then harvested in the vineyard and then, while still frozen, they are pressed. They must therefore be picked early, almost exclusively at night, and by law for sure before 10 am. During both of these processes the temperature cannot exceed minus 8 degrees Celsius, at this temperature the berries are frozen as hard as marbles. While the grape is still in its frozen state, it is pressed and the water is driven out as ice crystals as it is left behind in the press, pretty fascinating don’t you think? That’s the kind of wine you can get at the best restaurant in santa fe.

This leaves a highly concentrated juice, very high in acids, sugars and aromatics; oak aging adds yet another dimension of complexity and richness.

Originally developed in the cool climate regions of Europe, the production of icewine has now reached the New World, and here, a few California wineries try to duplicate the process. The most sought after North American icewine producer is Inneskillin: the climatic conditions of Canada’s Niagara Peninsula are ideally suited for the production of Icewine and they adhere to the strictest requirements set out by the VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance). In America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or in Germany, icewine is defined as naturally frozen, this mean that no other method of making icewine is allowed other than the natural method, no artificial freezing method constitutes icewine by definition or label.

Considering that it takes a whole vine or more to generally extract a half bottle of icewine at a Brix of 35 degrees or higher, the price of these little boogers is quite steep, but a 2 ounce serving is plenty as the flavors are so rich and complex that you only have to sip this elixir to experience wonderful enjoyment.

Mille Fleurs offers a couple of icewines by the glass, come and enjoy them with Martin’s great desserts.

I hope you found this entertaining.

Orders for future pick up must be placed before 5:30PM the day of.