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Meet Jill Drouin: Bartender and Mixologist at Mille Fleurs

My name is Jill Drouin and I have been Mille Fleurs ’ mixologist since 2007. The return of the cocktail has been a social sensation in the last several years.  With the rise of craft beers, premium vodkas and smaller craft bourbons appearing, I have had the opportunity to create extraordinary cocktails at Mille Fleurs.  Developing them has not only showcased my ability as a mixologist, but also allowed me to enhance the dining experience for our customers. My favorite part of my job is creating lasting relationships with our loyal clientele, and the special connection makes my job very rewarding.  I love getting to know them everyone personally and take great pride in remembering their drink of choice.

Referred to as the “chef behind the bar” by some guests, I am passionate about balancing ingredients in all of my creations.  Living in sunny San Diego gives me the opportunity to have a large array of fresh ingredients to choose from. I also love to use seasonal and trending ingredients in all of my drinks.  Right now, I’m loving Rye Bourbon which you’ll find in our “Rusty Rye” cocktail, a take on the traditional “Manhattan.”

Being a mixologist doesn’t end with mixing the ingredients into a tasty cocktail.  Customers love a cocktail with a story, so the name of the drink is also important.  I have found that naming the beverage after some popular San Diego areas where I personally envision myself sipping the drink makes it an intriguing and successful beverage of choice.  Some of my favorites on the menu are the “Harbor Island,” with refreshing kiwi infused vodka and locally grown muddled strawberries, or the “Elfin Forester,” a mixture of apples, fresh rosemary and vodka.

Our specialty cocktail menu changes seasonally, and I invite you to come in to try one of the many delightful choices on the menu. Plus, we have a great happy hour and nightly musical entertainment including live music in our bar Wednesday through Saturday.  I’ll be here to mix up your favorite cocktail or pour a glass of wine from our award-winning list and look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers!

Getting to Know: Angela Osborne, Manager at Mille Fleurs

My name is Angela Osborne and I’ve been at Mille Fleurs for two years. In my role, I seem to handle a little – and sometimes a lot – of everything, from the restaurant’s daily finances and staff schedules to keeping our seasonally changing menus precise. One part of my position is by far my favorite: event planning.

Call me a perfectionist, but I love coordinating all the details that come together to make each occasion unique. I consider it my personal duty to ensure that a Mille Fleurs event is never a “cookie cutter” event! I take a lot of pride in this part of my job, and I love that the positive feedback is so instantaneous; it’s right there on guests’ faces while they’re here at the restaurant.

My favorite Mille Fleurs events are those marking a pivotal time in someone’s life: wedding receptions, rehearsals, baby showers and more. I love seeing everyone enjoying the restaurant’s beautiful setting and knowing that I was able to be a part of creating that experience for them.

As recent examples of my favorite types of events, I was lucky enough to be a part of two weddings held on site last September, and both called for attention to detail – which you know by now I love. At the first wedding, we had fun replicating the bride and groom’s signature cocktails throughout the day. At the second wedding we created a secret entrance/exit for the bride to sneak out to take pictures without being seen by any of her guests. I wanted both ceremonies to be exactly what the couples wanted, and with the help of our amazing kitchen and front-of-house staff, I was so proud of what we were able to execute.

I’m excited to being a part of more unique and special events and can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to do for our guests this year! To book your special event at Mille Fleurs, visit our events page here. Further information is also available on our detailed events page, and of course you’re welcome to send me an email at or call the restaurant at (858) 756-3085.


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