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National Waitstaff Day

National Waitstaff Day was May 21st, and while we always value the Mille Fleurs community, it was a nice reminder to take a moment to appreciate the very special qualities that each staff member brings to our work environment. Several of our employees have been with us for quite a while – a couple for more than 30 years! – and we understand how rare that is in the restaurant industry. We are the Mille Fleurs Family!…

Read on for a brief but genuine profile of a few members of our team who have truly helped to shape the Mille Fleurs that we all know and love today.

Of Course, Chef Martin has worked here since 1985, the year of inception of the restaurant and so has Evelyn and Bruno who both started at Mille Fleurs opening day January 3 1985..

Evelyn worked as a hostess and part-time bartender, while Bruno was initially hired as a bus boy, but then quickly worked his way up to captain. They have been a part of some interesting years at Mille Fleurs, Evelyn remembers visits from Julia Child, Victor Mature, and Ann Blyth, while over the years Bruno has waited on Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan plus a variety of celebrities including Dustin Hoffman, Ann Bancroft, Mel Brooks, Pierce Brosnan, Charlize Theron and many many others…

Lara, one of our bartenders has been with Mille Fleurs since 1996, and Ramon since 1999. Ramon was hired as a busser, and now 17 years later is our lead food runner and in charge of the wine cellar. Lara started as a busser, and spent a few years hostessing and cocktailing before settling into her current position as a bartender. In many ways her family has been a pivotal part of the Mille Fleurs legacy, as both her older and younger sisters have worked here as well and still do.

Marko joined us in 2003 as a captain, but started working the door just 2 months later at Bertrand’s urging. He is now lead Maitre d’ and sommelier. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with him you know how perfectly suited he is for his position, and we feel lucky to have him orchestrating our guest dining experience.

At Mille Fleurs we are much like a family, and we create and cultivate relationships that sustain us as an establishment, and also as individuals who have come together with a common passion. We are proud of our history, and of the people who have been here with us along the way. On National Waitstaff Day, and every day, we celebrate the unique contributions of our staff members and hope that our shared dedication to our vision and craft continues to excite and welcome you, our valued customers. Cheers to the past, and the future – it’s all happening here, at Mille Fleurs!

What will you drink with your Valentine to celebrate the day?

Rosé Champagne, of course!!! It just looks the part, you know: a soft hue like the color of her lips or skin, than the effervescence of the wine completes the charm of the drink and, of course the amazing taste: Rosés tend to have a bit more red fruit aroma and flavor than regular Champagne, fresh aromas of strawberries or raspberries often accompany the other typical aromas. In flavor and mouthfeel they also tend to be a bit richer, bigger and rounder. Rosé Champagne can accompany all sorts of food, as can blanc Champagne, however, as everyone knows, much Champagne is enjoyed simply for its celebratory feeling and Rosé Champagne has that added “sexiness” or romance to it that makes it a favorite for romantic dinners.

Now, for the technical part, so you know: Rosé Champagnes represent about 5% of Champagne’s yearly production; they are colored in hues that go from “baby pink” to copper salmon. The color traditionally comes from the very brief skin contact of the red grapes Pinot noir (mainly) and Pinot Meunier during pressing, however, many modern Rosé Champagnes are produced as regular Champagnes but are later “colored up” by adding red Pinot noir wines to the finished wine, it is now believed that this second method adds more richness and age-ability to the wine. A “saignée” process is also acceptable but it is rarely used in Champagne nowadays.

So now that you know “everything” about Rosé Champagne, do not forget to raise a glass of the nectar with your Valentine!

Chef Elisabeth

I moved to America in July of 1985. Coming here changed my career path and I pursued cooking. Before joining Chef Martin at Mille Fleurs, I attained a degree in Business Administration and worked briefly for the French national railway. At the time, Chef Martin was my boyfriend.

My culinary fate was actually decided for me, when I was delivered on a kitchen table. I grew up on a farm in the southwest part of France near Toulouse. From sunrise to sunset my family’s main preoccupation was, “What is the next meal?” I should say food is a culture in my family.

I also had the opportunity in middle school to spend time at a pastry shop that was owned by my best friend’s father. I loved his giant display of chocolate Easter eggs. At the time I was mainly there to enjoy his pastries, not to learn….if only I knew what the future held.

My dessert menu changes every month and a half. The choice is dictated by the season, inspiration of internet, and of course by the customer’s favorite dishes such as our Beggars Purse and the crème brulee.

Many people ask me how you have been able to work with your husband. The secret to working with your husband is to stay clear and out of each other’s way with much respect. Especially when you have two strong and stubborn personalities! At Mille Fleurs I call him CHEF like everyone else.

If I had to name my favorite dessert, I would have to say that chocolate is my daily fix. But I have fond memories of my mom’s Oeufs a la Neige. It’s a light dessert consisting of meringue floating on crème anglais. I will never forget the first dessert that I ate in Germany, Rhubarb Compote. I asked Martin later, “This sour thing is called dessert in Germany?”

Many co-workers have a smile on their face when I taste, because I don’t taste I EAT!!!


Seasonal Selections from Chef Martin

The Elusive White Asparagus

Every spring, white asparagus makes a brief appearance, and if you blink you might miss it. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, why is white asparagus so hard to find? It’s because there’s a demand for it and chefs consider it a rare spring delicacy.

The reason for white asparagus being white is the way it is grown. The asparagus is covered in a thick layer of sandy dirt as they grow so that no sunlight reaches it. The lack of exposure to sunlight robs their chance of turning green. The process, termed etiolation, creates pale white asparagus spears that have a more delicate flavor than their green cousins, takes longer to cook and costs 3-4 times more, making it a great dinner conversation.

At Mille Fleurs we will be serving this rare vegetable in a variety of ways including our Fresh White Asparagus in orange blossom honey vinaigrette, soft poached quail egg and San Daniele prosciutto, our White Asparagus Soup with Nasturtium cream, chervil and cinnamon croutons and a Trilogy of White Asparagus that is pan fried in bread crumbs, poached in vinaigrette and asparagus velouté.

Melon de Cavaillon

The season has arrived for that succulent delight, the king of melons: the Melon deCavaillon, the most famous of the Cantaloupes. The American Cantaloupe is in fact a muskmelon, way different from the Cavaillon.

The melon originated in India, then arrived in Italy via Africa, it was cultivated as a delicacy in the papal garden of the village of Cantaloupe (hence the name), then made its way to South East France when the papacy moved to Avignon in 1495, but its real fame goes back to the 19th century as train transport made it possible for all of France and Europe to discover its amazing flavor, then became Melon the Cavaillon, named after the train station it was expedited from.

Its flavor is that of honeyed concentrate of apricot, passion fruit and banana at perfect ripeness.Through the course of summer we will serve it as an appetizer or a dessert, using it indifferent cold soups, with cured meats, steeped in Port wine, in carpaccio, with assorted fruitsand in ice creamsand sorbets just to name a few of Chef’s creations.


Mille Fleurs Reservations
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