Chef Elisabeth

I moved to America in July of 1985. Coming here changed my career path and I pursued cooking. Before joining Chef Martin at Mille Fleurs, I attained a degree in Business Administration and worked briefly for the French national railway. At the time, Chef Martin was my boyfriend.

My culinary fate was actually decided for me, when I was delivered on a kitchen table. I grew up on a farm in the southwest part of France near Toulouse. From sunrise to sunset my family’s main preoccupation was, “What is the next meal?” I should say food is a culture in my family.

I also had the opportunity in middle school to spend time at a pastry shop that was owned by my best friend’s father. I loved his giant display of chocolate Easter eggs. At the time I was mainly there to enjoy his pastries, not to learn….if only I knew what the future held.

My dessert menu changes every month and a half. The choice is dictated by the season, inspiration of internet, and of course by the customer’s favorite dishes such as our Beggars Purse and the crème brulee.

Many people ask me how you have been able to work with your husband. The secret to working with your husband is to stay clear and out of each other’s way with much respect. Especially when you have two strong and stubborn personalities! At Mille Fleurs I call him CHEF like everyone else.

If I had to name my favorite dessert, I would have to say that chocolate is my daily fix. But I have fond memories of my mom’s Oeufs a la Neige. It’s a light dessert consisting of meringue floating on crème anglais. I will never forget the first dessert that I ate in Germany, Rhubarb Compote. I asked Martin later, “This sour thing is called dessert in Germany?”

Many co-workers have a smile on their face when I taste, because I don’t taste I EAT!!!



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