Getting to Know: Angela Osborne, Manager at Mille Fleurs

My name is Angela Osborne and I’ve been at Mille Fleurs for two years. In my role, I seem to handle a little – and sometimes a lot – of everything, from the restaurant’s daily finances and staff schedules to keeping our seasonally changing menus precise. One part of my position is by far my favorite: event planning.

Call me a perfectionist, but I love coordinating all the details that come together to make each occasion unique. I consider it my personal duty to ensure that a Mille Fleurs event is never a “cookie cutter” event! I take a lot of pride in this part of my job, and I love that the positive feedback is so instantaneous; it’s right there on guests’ faces while they’re here at the restaurant.

My favorite Mille Fleurs events are those marking a pivotal time in someone’s life: wedding receptions, rehearsals, baby showers and more. I love seeing everyone enjoying the restaurant’s beautiful setting and knowing that I was able to be a part of creating that experience for them.

As recent examples of my favorite types of events, I was lucky enough to be a part of two weddings held on site last September, and both called for attention to detail – which you know by now I love. At the first wedding, we had fun replicating the bride and groom’s signature cocktails throughout the day. At the second wedding we created a secret entrance/exit for the bride to sneak out to take pictures without being seen by any of her guests. I wanted both ceremonies to be exactly what the couples wanted, and with the help of our amazing kitchen and front-of-house staff, I was so proud of what we were able to execute.

I’m excited to being a part of more unique and special events and can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to do for our guests this year! To book your special event at Mille Fleurs, visit our events page here. Further information is also available on our detailed events page, and of course you’re welcome to send me an email at or call the restaurant at (858) 756-3085.


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